- individual approach in the comfortability of your home (Munich and its surrounding areas)
- if the dates of the workshops or open classes do not suit you
- if you need a slower pace of instruction
- for health reasons
Why choose individual classes or workshops?
- Hormone Yoga for Women (hormonal imbalance and menopause)
- Hormone Yoga for Men (anti-stress and for male hormones)
- Hormone Yoga for diabetes (lower glycemic level and activate glands)

To learn the whole HY sequence, including exercises against stress, we need 4 sessions in total. Every session has 100 minutes.
You can start with the regular practice already after your first session.
The price includes study materials for home practice and transport within Munich.
Individual workshops for a group of up to 5 people, 20% discount for each person.

Price for 4x100 minutes is € 395 /person.
- Yoga (60/90 min.)
- Pilates (60 min.)
- Barre workout (60 min.)

60 minutes/ person
Single class € 95
5 classes € 425 (valid for 8 weeks)
10 classes € 800 (valid for 16 weeks)
Additional person + € 15 per each class

90 minutes/ person
Single class € 120
5 classes € 550 (valid for 8 weeks)
10 classes € 950 (valid for 16 weeks)
Additional person + € 20 per each class

10% discount for all One-to-one workshops and classes if you come to take it at the small studio Hormonyoga München (U6 Kieferngarten / Frötmanning).